Archive | January, 2009

WSP Deployment gets Stuck at "Deploying"

I had this problem a few days back and I had all the options in the stsadm command to deploy it immediately, like -immediate and stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs Apparently it was the problem with one of the servers in the server farm was down. Since the faulty server is there in the server farm, STSADM […]

Creating RoleDefinitions, UserGroups and RoleDefinitionBindings

Create a RoleDefinition as per the permissions you would like that role to have. I would create "Reader " with below roledefinition 1: SPRoleDefinition readersRoleDefinition = new SPRoleDefinition() 2:{ 3: Name = "Readers", 4: Description = "My site collection Readers", 5: BasePermissions = 6: SPBasePermissions.ViewListItems | 7: SPBasePermissions.OpenItems | 8: SPBasePermissions.ViewVersions | 9: SPBasePermissions.CreateAlerts | […]

Core.js: Disable ECB menu items in Document library or List based on permissions. …mystery solved…

Create a custom core.js from the original core.js as described in this link:  Follow the steps below and you can hide ECB items based on permissions i.e. SPBasePermissions like you could disable some ECB menu items as below… Disable the send menu as below by commenting AddSendSubMenu 1: if (currentItemFSObjType !=1) 2: { 3: […]