cannot connect to configuration database error…

I was running server farm installation for MOSS 2007 and soon after the set up ran , the Central Administration website was showing an error

“Cannot connect to the configuration database”

I checked the below things:

  • Identity of the app pool under which the CA site was running
  • Checked the SQL server for the right roles to Domain Service Accounts( farm admin and SQL admin ) i.e. dbcreator and securityadmin
  • Did an ODBC connection from the CA server to the database with the same Window Auth and was able to connect.

Everything was good and as per the rules but still the error was not going away.

The issue was somehow AD caches the connection when you add the database server to the farm, and steps followed to fix this issue

  • Remove the database server from the domain
  • Restart
  • Add the server back to the Domain
  • Check all the services running under the sql admin service account.

Wooh ! Go to your CA site and hope not to see the ugly message again….


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