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Creating site collection in forms based authentication: SharePoint Server 2010

I was trying to create a site collection on a forms based authenticated(claims based authentication) web application and was getting an error “User not found” New-SPSite http://test/ -Name "Test" -ContentDatabase WSS_Content_Test -Template "STS#1" –OwnerAlias “cgptsharepointadmin” Issue: OwnerAlias was incorrect for the forms based authentication users. Solution: 1) Run the powershell command Get-SPUser and as you […]

Switching authentication claims/classic for a SharePoint Server 2010 Web Application for Project Server 2010

I was switching authentication from claims to classic authentication for a Project Server 2010 site. I had used PowerShell but there were caveat to the script SOLUTION as there had to be some manual steps to switch authentication . See the PowerShell below: $webApp = Get-SPWebApplication "http://vm-dev6:40932/" $webApp.UseClaimsAuthentication = $False; $webApp.Update() iisreset Manual Steps 1: […]

Services Configuration for a small SharePoint 2010 Server Farm

Farm Configuration Wizard         Once you have clicked on Launch the Farm Configuration wizard, use the service account serviceadmin for running all the service applications as below.     Click Next to continue to the next screen…The next screen you see is to create a site collection     You can skip […]

Installing SharePoint 2010 Server in a small farm environment

I had 2 virtual machines loaded on Hyper-V as VM-DEV5 and VM-DEV6. VM-DEV5 was used for Active Directory and Databases and VM-DEV6 was SharePoint 2010( APP and WFE) Active Directory :VM-DEV5 Roles can and should be added from Server Manager (but they can also be initiated from the Initial Configuration Tasks wizard that auto-opens the […]