Creating site collection in forms based authentication: SharePoint Server 2010

I was trying to create a site collection on a forms based authenticated(claims based authentication) web application and was getting an error “User not found”

New-SPSite http://test/ -Name "Test" -ContentDatabase WSS_Content_Test -Template "STS#1" –OwnerAlias “cgptsharepointadmin”

Issue: OwnerAlias was incorrect for the forms based authentication users.


1) Run the powershell command


and as you would see from the below snapshot the user login has changed when it was classic mode authentication.


1) Modify the powershell command for creating the site collection with the correct Owner Alias…Just need to copy paste the right UserLogin after the running the get-spuser command.

New-SPSite http://test/ -Name "Test" -ContentDatabase WSS_Content_Test-Template "STS#1" –OwnerAlias “i:0#.f|cgapad|cgp|tsharepointadmin”

Note: I had already created a separate content database for the site collection using the below powershell

New-SPContentDatabase WSS_Content_Test –WebApplication http://test/ 


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