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Enabling Search for Claims Authentication: FBA, Trusted Claims without extending the WebApplication ! Robust

This is a very common requirement at every client using the FBA or Trusted Claims provider for their Extranet Sites. The issues with enabling search are commonly as below: The login page if its redirected to authentication the STS of the authenticating provider like Windows Live ID or Facebook If the Active Directory is enabled […] is proud to be

Hello All My blog is proud to be available as There will be redirects from the original URL to the the new URL. Cheers, Atul Chhoda

Adding reference to a CSS in a webpart programmatically

Think if you were selling a custom webpart you would like all the css referred in your webpart correctly and use a layouts folder for deploying your custom CSS. This is a very common requirement and any easy one ! But its interesting to note that you can use the CssRegistration Control to refer a […]

Workflow doesn’t get triggered with creating items using system account

Beware your workflow won’t get triggered when you are logged in as  system account and creating items in a list or library. Even though the association is to run the WF on item added or changed. SO really 2 scenarios You had a bad demo when you were logged in as system account and forgot […]

User Profile Synchronization SharePoint 2010 stuck at starting !!!. All you wanted to know about it!!!

Clean the certificates from the certificate store(for the user account(the farm admin account ) & My Computer Account) . Stop the SharePoint timer service and the SharePoint admin service from Services Console. Delete the xml files from Programdata\microsoft\shared\config and updated the cache.ini to 1 Run the stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs Start the timer service and the […]