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Programmatically/automatically RE-index document library sharepoint 2013

  SharePoint 2013 provides the ability to reindex a document library or a list. You can add an event receiver on itemAdded or itemAdding based on the business logic and implement the code which adds the search version for the document library or list to be re-indexed. Enjoy, Atul Event Receiver /// <summary>         /// […]

Sharepoint users group DC presentation November 14 2013

SharePoint 2013 Term Store and Dynamics CRM 2013 A True love story from Atul Chhoda

ifRame a sharepoint 2013 site into Other site CRM Dynamics 2011

This is a very common requirement to iFrame SharePoint sites into other sites like in my case it was CRM Dynamics 2011 SharePoint 2010 there are no issues embedding a SharePoint Site as iFrame setting the document location in for a specific record of an entity. In SharePoint 2013 to avoid click jacking Microsoft has […]

Part II: Create New List item by Copy Existing List Item and then edit the newly created List Item

  Hope you have liked my previous blog (Part I) about creating a copy of existing list item and then open the newly created item in edit window. We have seen how to perform the task using SharePoint Designer and JQuery. You might be wondering, why we need to have custom code to do the […]

Part I: Create New List item by Copy Existing List Item and then edit the newly created List Item

  Often we came across this requirement to have a feature by which we can create a new item by copy existing list item to new item and then edit the newly created item. We can approach this functionality in couple of ways, one by using SharePoint Designer and other by creating custom code in […]

Move documents within site at folder level: Application Page

I have one requirement where user needs a friendly interface with the ability to move the document from one location (any folder under any document library) to another location. To achieve this functionality, my first task is to create a Tree View of all the Document Libraries displaying complete folder structure (show all levels of […]