Enabling Search for Claims Authentication: FBA, Trusted Claims without extending the WebApplication ! Robust

This is a very common requirement at every client using the FBA or Trusted Claims provider for their Extranet Sites. The issues with enabling search are commonly as below: The login page if its redirected to authentication the STS of the authenticating provider like Windows Live ID or Facebook If the Active Directory is enabled […]

https://atulchhoda.wordpress.com is proud to be http://SharePointX-Men.com

Hello All My blog https://atulchhoda.wordpress.com is proud to be available as http://SharePointX-Men.com There will be redirects from the original URL to the the new URL. Cheers, Atul Chhoda

Adding reference to a CSS in a webpart programmatically

Think if you were selling a custom webpart you would like all the css referred in your webpart correctly and use a layouts folder for deploying your custom CSS. This is a very common requirement and any easy one ! But its interesting to note that you can use the CssRegistration Control to refer a […]

Workflow doesn’t get triggered with creating items using system account

Beware your workflow won’t get triggered when you are logged in as  system account and creating items in a list or library. Even though the association is to run the WF on item added or changed. SO really 2 scenarios You had a bad demo when you were logged in as system account and forgot […]

User Profile Synchronization SharePoint 2010 stuck at starting !!!. All you wanted to know about it!!!

Clean the certificates from the certificate store(for the user account(the farm admin account ) & My Computer Account) . Stop the SharePoint timer service and the SharePoint admin service from Services Console. Delete the xml files from Programdata\microsoft\shared\config and updated the cache.ini to 1 Run the stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs Start the timer service and the […]