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Workflow doesn’t get triggered with creating items using system account

Beware your workflow won’t get triggered when you are logged in as  system account and creating items in a list or library. Even though the association is to run the WF on item added or changed. SO really 2 scenarios You had a bad demo when you were logged in as system account and forgot […]

User Profile Synchronization SharePoint 2010 stuck at starting !!!. All you wanted to know about it!!!

Clean the certificates from the certificate store(for the user account(the farm admin account ) & My Computer Account) . Stop the SharePoint timer service and the SharePoint admin service from Services Console. Delete the xml files from Programdata\microsoft\shared\config and updated the cache.ini to 1 Run the stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs Start the timer service and the […]

Services Configuration for a small SharePoint 2010 Server Farm

Farm Configuration Wizard         Once you have clicked on Launch the Farm Configuration wizard, use the service account serviceadmin for running all the service applications as below.     Click Next to continue to the next screen…The next screen you see is to create a site collection     You can skip […]

Installing SharePoint 2010 Server in a small farm environment

I had 2 virtual machines loaded on Hyper-V as VM-DEV5 and VM-DEV6. VM-DEV5 was used for Active Directory and Databases and VM-DEV6 was SharePoint 2010( APP and WFE) Active Directory :VM-DEV5 Roles can and should be added from Server Manager (but they can also be initiated from the Initial Configuration Tasks wizard that auto-opens the […]